Friday Book Beginning and The Friday 56: SO MUCH MORE by R.C. Martin

This is the first time I’m partaking in these two weekly Friday-features: Friday Book Beginning and The Friday 56. Yeah! I’m so excited. Friday Book Beginning is hosted by Rose City Reader and in this weakly meme you share the first (or two) sentences from the book you’re currently reading. I’m combining it with the meme The Friday 56, hosted by Freda’s Voice, because they overlap. In this feature you share a teaser from page 56 (or 56% in your reader) of the book you’re reading. The book I’m reading now is So Much More by R.C. Martin. So Much More is the third book in the Made For Love serie, but can be read as a standalone. I’ll first share the blurb and a link to Goodreads, so you can add it to your TBR-list.



The Red Coat Incident
4 cups humiliation
2 cups rejection
1/2 cup heartache
3 tbs regret
1 tsp tears
A pinch of hope
Sarah’s life is a bit of a mess. After only a year of living her dream, teaching the third grade, one catastrophic mistake has her packing her bags and running away. Lost and broken, she clings to the small hope that her old stomping grounds will be the perfect place for her to start fresh. When she walks into Little Bird Cafe, looking for a job, she finds herself unprepared for the sweet deliciousness that is Brandon.
The Olivia Incident
5 cups loyalty
3 cups stupidity
1/4 cup resentment
2 tbs distrust
1 tsp weakness
A pinch of lust
Brandon’s dream is finally coming true. His days may be long and hard, but he refuses to complain. He starts every morning in his kitchen, baking his signature pastries. With the students pouring into the college town he calls home any day now, he knows he needs help around the shop. When Sarah, the blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty, walks into Little Bird asking for a job, he can’t refuse her. As her new boss, he tries to convince himself that he can look, but he can’t touch.
When he lets her loose in his kitchen, her broken heart is mended, his battered heart is stolen, and they can’t deny that they both want more. So much more.
[Book three in the Made for Love series can be read as a STANDALONE novel! I promise. Written for audiences 18+ years of age due to language and sexual content.]

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(From the Prologue, Sarah’s point of view): “I can do this. I can smile my way through the next hour. Two, tops.”

Let me explain a little bit. In the beginning of the book Sarah is at the wedding of one of her best friends, Addie. But she’s in a bad place in her life right now. So she tries to give herself a peptalk to survive the reception.



“You think I’m kidding? You obviously don’t have children. You have until the count of three-” She starts counting and my laughter won’t be contained. “Okay!” I cry out before she can hang up on me. “Yes. We’ve kissed. Many times, now. In fact, I should probably apologize for not calling you sooner.”

Here, Brandon is talking on the phone with one of his good friends, Daphne (from Book 2 of the Made For Love serie). She wants to know if he kissed Sarah yet and doesn’t beat around the bush, because she’s busy reading a novel. Normally she doesn’t have the time for that, because of the new-born baby she has. Oh, and they kissed (Sarah and Brandon, that is). Finally! I ‘ve been waiting for it since their first encounter (maybe even waiting as hard as Daphne was), there was just an instant attraction between the two. I’m now at 62%, so it hasn’t been that long since I read this teaser.

What book are you currently reading? And what is your Book Beginning and/or Friday 56?


21 thoughts on “Friday Book Beginning and The Friday 56: SO MUCH MORE by R.C. Martin

  1. Fiction-Books (@Fiction_Books) says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Great to have you taking part in these Friday memes, it is always good to meet new people 🙂

    Whilst this series sounds a bit too ‘chick-lit’ for me, I do like your excerpts, particularly the opening lines. I know what it’s like to have to stand and smile at an event, all the time wishing that the ground would open up and swallow me!

    Have a great weekend and Happy Reading 🙂


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