Book Tour Review: WHEN I MAKE YOU MINE by Rae Daniel

Rae Daniel has her fabulous debut with the novella When I Make You Mine. Today, I’m sharing my review of this 1-month-old short and steamy novel. Go grab your own copy today (check the end of this article for the purchase links).

When I Make You Mine Cover KINDLE FINAL - lowres
When I Make You Mine by Rae Daniel
Series: The Richmond Series, #1
Published: January 17, 2016
Genres: Novella, Romantic Comedy
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Reeling from a recent break-up, Anne is surprised when she meets Jim, her handsome ER doctor. She’s been burned one too many times before, with the most recent relationship fail happening not even an hour before they meet! Catching her on-again-off-again now definitely-off-again boyfriend with her roommate, in her own living room, was definitely not how she planned on spending her Saturday. She definitely didn’t plan on spending it in the ER either!
It’s not been Anne’s best day, to say the least!
Jim’s been looking for ‘The One’ for what seems like forever. His work hours limit his dating life and any women who come into the ER are either drunk out of their minds or are on enough drugs to make rock stars jealous. Getting involved with a patient is the last thing that he wants or needs.
Until Anne.
Will Jim and Anne get their happy ever after or does Ben, her best guy friend, have intentions of his own?
Sometimes, you have to close your eyes and listen to your heart in order to see the future.

When I Make You Mine Cover KINDLE FINAL - lowres



When I Make You Mine - Teaser 1

*** Disclaimer: I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. However, this doesn’t affect my opinion of this book and the words in this review. ***

“You’re beautiful, don’t ever let anyone tell you differently.”

When I Make You Mine is a novella, which means it’s a shorter novel than the books I normally read. I really hoped the length wouldn’t compromise my ability to form a connection with Jim and Anne. Unfortunately, that’s what happened. Still, I really enjoyed reading When I Make You Mine and I’ll tell you why. First of all, that cover. A beautiful body. Yes please!

Her skin is glistening like sugar and her smile could light up a room.

Anne is in her bedroom, being ill and lying in bed, when her on-again-off-again scumbag of a boyfriend, Tom, cheats on her with her trashy roommate, Amanda. Apparently it’s not the first time, but this time around they are caught in the act by Anne herself. The first thought while reading this was ‘how stupid and crass could you be to have sex with your girlfriend’s roommate when she is terribly sick upstairs’. Worst boyfriend ever! Don’t get me wrong, I think cheating is always senseless and heartless and I don’t condone it in any way, shape or form. But this was a whole other level of foolish. I did think Anne’s reaction was pretty priceless. You go girl! No tears were shed. She stayed as calm as she could be and said all the correct things. Even when she couldn’t even stand upright for more than five minutes without passing out due to problems with breathing. That’s my kind of girl.

I can’t help it, I give her the slight but firm peck on the lips and a shock of electricity hits us hard as we stumble a bit. It sends warmth throughout my entire body.

Additionally, she also had the sense to call her best friend Renee to bring her to the hospital. Where she meets hot doctor Jim in the ER. And she couldn’t look away anymore. She almost begged (in her head of course) to see his ass in scrubs. Subsequently, the blazing times between Jim and Anne began. However, I think that’s when things went a little down hill for me. From that moment, Anne’s character irritated me a little bit. Her thoughts came of childish. I thought she overreacted to a lot of things. She resembled a small child, whining about nothing. And even when she was feeling as sick as she was, she still found the time to worry about appearances. About hers and Jim’s. Though, that did made me laugh. It was a bit strange that an hour after the cheating part, Anne’s heart was beating fast for every cute guy she saw. She became a flustered mess while first talking to Mark and later in contact with Jim. But maybe this said more about the level of seriousness of her relationship with Tom than it did about her personality. I loved her sense of humor, though. Anne could also be very stubborn. After getting a doctor’s order to rest and saying she understands, she went to a restaurant with Renee for drinks. That doesn’t sound very wise to me.


“I don’t think I can go another day, without seeing you again. That was one of the longest weeks my life.”

During the progress of the story I found more and more things of Anne I liked. She was still whining, but there were more layers to her personality. I liked Jim’s character a lot better. There was more to him and he had more layers. He also came of as less shallow than Anne. Although, his thoughts were sexually induced a lot. Boys will be boys. But if I have to be completely honest, I didn’t feel a strong connection to both of them. It didn’t matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t.

“I’m not ever going to let you go, sugar. I love you. I love you so much.” 

One thing I absolutely loved about When I Make You Mine were the names of the chapters. I find it immensely boring when chapters are just called chapter one and two and so on. So seeing that Rae Daniels named her chapters was a very nice surprise. The chapter names were a surprising and great extra element of When I Make You Mine. Think about names such as The Douchebag, The House Call and The Reveal. Another thing I liked was the humor throughout the story. Even during the serious parts. Like during the catching in the act thing. I also really enjoyed the epilogue. A cute and sweet ending to Anne and Jim’s story. Besides, there were more than enough beautiful lines to highlight. I literally had to make difficult choices for the selection of quotes for this review.

“You better not, because you have my heart. You can easily smash it into a thousand pieces. Please be careful with it.”

Still, I couldn’t fully involve myself into the story and I had difficulty with sympathizing with the characters. I missed descriptions of Jim and Anne. I couldn’t find their personality traits and I don’t know what kind of job Anne has. Everything went extremely fast. The scenes, but also the relationship between Anne and Jim. They had insta-love. If there is one thing I don’t love in books it’s insta-love, because it’s not relatable to real life. But even though things went fast, Rae Daniel still knew how to build up the tension between Anne and Jim, making it explode when they had sex for the first time. There were other elements in the story that weren’t realistic. And there were also a couple of minor inconsistencies in the story. For example, later on in the book, you read about Renee working at the same hospital as Jim. But that’s the first time it’s mentioned and the first time they met they acted like strangers. Also Anne speaks about not seeing and talking to Jim for weeks, but she does know his work schedule. That seems a bit strange to me. As working at a hospital in the ER would mean Jim has an irregular schedule.

“It was the cutest thing that I had ever seen and my heart ached to be yours in that moment.”

Overall, I thought When I Make You Mine was a cute and hot story to read in between moments. It had a lot of dirty, sexy talk and descriptive steamy, sexy scenes. I’m used to that by now, so it didn’t bother me. It just made the novel swelteringly hot. I am eminently delighted for the other three books in the Richmond Series to be released. When I Make You Mine is a charming debut for Ms. Daniel. Even though I have some criticism, I still genuinely had a good time reading it. And I really hope I’ll get the chance to read both Ben’s and Renee’s stories, because they also deserve happy ever afters. Hopefully, with each other. If you like reading novella’s and aren’t opposed to reading about sex, you should totally read When I Make You Mine.

“Because you were the most real thing that I had seen in a long time. I could see your character, personality, and joyful life shining out of you. I wanted nothing more than to be a part of that.”


When I Make You Mine - Teaser 3



Rae Daniel Head ShotBorn in the midwest, Rae Daniel has been telling stories her entire life. After earning her degree in History from Old Dominion University, she found her niche in the professional world as an analyst. In her analytical roll, she found that compiling her research into “stories” for her upper management team, gave her the confidence to start to write all the other stories that were running around in her head.
Rae is also the founder of, a romance book review website. Within the first six months of operation she was being asked to write reviews for independent, USA Today, and NY Times best selling romance authors from around the world.
When she is not writing, she is living a charming life in North Carolina with her husband and two kids. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading and drinking wine. (PS, not necessarily in that order) 🙂

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