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monthsecover7 Months by Bethany Lopez
Series: Time for Love, #7
Publication Date: March 24, 2016
GenresContemporary Romance
Other books in the series: 8 Weeks, 21 Days, 42 Hours, 15 Minutes, 10 Years, 3 Seconds
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Tough, dry-witted, and intelligent, Ming has worked her whole life to be a successful lawyer, great friend, and dutiful daughter. Her focus has been on her career, but now she’s thirty-five, and the last of her friends to be single. Ming knows what she needs… A man who communicates, who won’t be intimidated by her position, a partner. She knows this, but all she wants is him…

After working side by side with his brother, Brock for years, Brady has followed his dream and become a police officer. Protecting and serving comes naturally to him, it’s what he was born to do, which is why he doesn’t know what to do with a woman who doesn’t need his strength and protection.

For 7 Months, Ming has accepted what Brady had to offer, secret nights of passion with no hope of a relationship,. But feelings have developed, and now she wants more. When Brady doesn’t want things to change, Ming has to decide if being with the man she loves is worth sacrificing everything she wants.




*** Disclaimer: I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. However, this doesn’t affect my opinion of this book and the words in this review. ***

I’d rather have Brady in my bed, in secret, than not have him at all.

As 7 Months wasn’t my first Bethany Lopez novel, Always Room for Cupcakes was, I had a couple of expectations. I liked my first novel from Bethany a lot and I hoped 7 Months wouldn’t disappoint. Now, I can happily say that I like 7 Months even better. The story did more for me and I thought the writing was easier and more pleasant to read. Still, it had the same nice feeling as Always Room for Cupcakes. It was everything I hoped for.

Even though 7 Months is part of a series, it can easily be read as a standalone. That’s why I did and now I can’t wait to read the other novels as well. 7 Months is such a great conclusion to the series, I really want to know the stories of all the other couples I’ve got to know in this novel.

Tall, rugged, and handsome in a dark, mysterious sort of way, he was the kind of man I’d always fantasized about, but never thought I could ever have.

Ambitious and sometimes sarcastic lawyer Ming and stubborn cop Brady have been sleeping together casually for seven months now. Feelings from both of them have been complicating things for weeks. Ming has been in love with Brady since the first moment she saw him, but she also knows she could never admit this to him. If she does, he will walk away. Little does she know that he already knows how she feels about him because of the looks she gives him. The love is all over her face.

And all those confusing feelings Brady is feeling himself, are frustrating him. He doesn’t want to stop this thing between them, but he’s also scared for more with Ming. He doesn’t know what he is feeling and he fears he could never be enough for her. Now they both have to make an important choice. Is Brady ready to pursue a serious relationship with Ming? Can Ming keep feeling like Brady’s stepping stone to someone better or does she choose to find someone else who is already willing to start a real relationship with her?

“But that’s what love is, right? Taking a chance on something that might not work? Giving in to the hope and taking a leap of faith.”

Brady used to work together with his older brother Brock, until he decided to follow his dream to be a cop. Which fits him, because he likes to feel helpful and he wants to protect others. He also wants to be the best damned cop he could be, because he felt like he had to disappoint Brock, leaving him to start a whole other career. I thought it was really cute how Brady didn’t know how to handle opening up to the people in his life or how to handle his feelings for Ming. Brady isn’t much of a talker and because of Ming he’s finally learning how to open up and that was an amazing thing to read about. He could also be so stubborn sometimes, but can’t all men be like that?

Ming has been in love with Brady all those seven months they were casually having sex, but she would rather die than admit those feelings to him, afraid to push him away. To protect their “relationship” she pretends to be okay with their arrangement. The only thing she really wants is Brady looking at her like she’s the love of his life. Until now, everything in her life didn’t have anything to do with her own choices, but her choices her parents made for her since she was little. For once, this needs to be about following a path she actually wants to follow when she makes the decision to keep “playing” with Brady or end it.

“I know life is fragile, and I hate the idea of losing anyone that I love, but I can tell you that I’m happy I have them in my life. I’m happy you’re in my life, and I wouldn’t trade our time together for anything.”

Seriously, 7 Months was just so easy to read, I literally flew through the pages. I couldn’t help but fall in love with all the characters: Ming and Brady and all the supporting characters. I liked their connection to each other. I especially loved the way the three brothers interacted. It was pretty cute to read about and felt intimate. Bethany really knows how to create characters who mean so much to each other.

I liked them all so much that I felt like I really knew them, like they were my friends and I could just jump into the story anytime to talk to them. I didn’t only feel like I could, I also really wanted to. Just to hang out. Reading about them felt so comfortable. I liked reading 7 Months even more than Always Room for Cupcakes. The ending was absolute perfection. Without having read the other books in the series, I’m still pretty sure that the ending of 7 Months was the perfect end to all the couple’s stories.

The only thing I didn’t love though, were the little pieces full of suspense in-between. I thought they didn’t really add something to the story and they almost felt out of place. Okay, maybe the last suspenseful scene was important for both Brady and Ming, I don’t know for sure though. I knew something bad was going to happen and when it actually did happen, I didn’t really care for it so much.

It was at the same time overwhelming and wonderful, and I wasn’t sure what to do with these feelings, but I knew I wanted them… More than anything, I wanted them.

7 Months shows Brady who needs to learn how to open up his heart to other people than his immediate family, leaving his comfort zone. And we get to know Ming who needs to put all of her trust in Brady, trusting him to pull it off in the hope of a chance at a real relationship. Who also needs to be brave enough to make her own choices, instead of following the path her parents paved for her. So, trust, opening up, making your own choices and finding true love is what 7 Months is all about and family and friendships also play an important role. 7 Months is cute, sexy and left me feeling warm and comfortable.

“I love you.”

Yup, that was the sound of my heart hitting the floor.

“What?” I whispered, my eyes already filling with tears.

“I realized that I love you, and I had come to tell you. I didn’t want to wait until tonight, and I didn’t want to say it over the phone. I had to see you.”



A1nt0F1SfnL._UX250_ Award-Winning Author Bethany Lopez began self-publishing in June 2011. She’s a lover of all things romance: books, movies, music, and life, and she incorporates that into the books she writes. When she isn’t reading or writing, she loves spending time with her husband and children, traveling whenever possible. Some of her favorite things are: Kristen Ashley Books, coffee in the morning, and In N Out burgers.
Bethany Lopez is represented by Marisa Corvisiero of Corvisiero Literary Agency.

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