Release Blitz + Review: KISSED BY REALITY by Carrie Aarons

Kissed by Reality Ebook CoverKissed by Reality by Carrie Aarons
Publication Date: April 11, 2016
GenreContemporary Romance
Also by this author: Red Card, Over the Fence series
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Falling in love is hard. Falling in love on national television is impossible. Right?
Leighton Aldridge did not sign up to meet her soulmate. She signed up for the lights, camera and action. So when the Hollywood-native ends up with the wounded war veteran and a ring on her finger, it’s a surprise to everyone. What isn’t a surprise is the way she breaks Finn Wyatt’s heart, or the massively public breakup that follows. But a year later she’s back, ready for another round on the reality TV show that brought them together. She knows he was the real thing, and she’s ready to fight for him.
Finn is the new Mr. Right. The country’s favorite single guy, and the object of 25 women’s affections. But when his ex-fiance steps onto set and back into the limelight, he wishes he never agreed to another season. Leighton shattered his heart for the world to see, and he’s not ready to face that reality. Can Leighton convince him, and America, that she’s the one? Or will her future with Finn only consist of 15 more minutes of fame?


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*** Disclaimer: I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. However, this doesn’t affect my opinion of this book and the words in this review. ***

“Thank you for choosing me last. Because that’s what I am, your last. The last woman to ever have you. And you’re my last man.”

Kissed by Reality wasn’t my first Carrie Aaron’s novel, so I knew what to expect in terms of her writing style and her ability to make her characters feel real and to let you get to know them. Just let me say that I liked reading Hitting to Win so much, I couldn’t wait to start another novel by this author. Especially after reading the blurb and finding out the premise. Carrie Aaron did it again, because Kissed by Reality was just as good, maybe even better.

“I think you’re beautiful. The things you consider flaws only make you more attractive, more gorgeous to me.”

A year after Leighton participated as one of the women in the reality tv show Right Now Island she’s back on tv. Because this is her third time in such a reality show Leighton knows exactly how it all works. In Right Now Island Finn and Leighton fell in love with each other, but Leighton ruined it all and broke Finn’s heart into a million pieces on live tv. She wants to win him back, because without Finn in her life, nothing really matters anymore. Finn is trying to get over het by finding a new woman to spend his life with as the new Mr. Right and Leighton is there to show him there’s no moving on from her. They are meant to be together. Will Leighton succeed in worming her way back into Finn’s heart and life?

Leighton participated in Mr. Right-like shows two times in a row, the last time was on Right Now Island. She’s good at keeping up a front. Just like how she’s still in love with Finn, but pretends she’s only on the show for the attention. She’s incapable of showing emotion, she’s just not wired that way. That has something to do with her daddy issues, due to her father leaving her and her mother when Leighton was in high school. Leighton is sarcastic, sweet and confident.

Finn is boyishly handsome, with dimples and clear blue eyes. He’s got a sweet site, but he can also be dirty and sarcastic. He’s a war veteran, he was a marine. But due to an accident he lost his leg and now he has a prosthetic leg. Finn also participated multiple times in Mr. Right-like shows, until he was Mr. Right himself. Finn is confident overall, but when it comes to his leg he’s very self-conscious. He grown up on a farm with his very protective and loving two brothers and parents.

I needed Finn. Wanted him. Loved him. I’d found the person I was put on this planet for, and I wasn’t giving up until I was bruised, beaten and bloody.

The story is told in chronological order with alternating perspectives, between Finn and Leighton, but there are a couple flashbacks added. The flashbacks give you a glimpse into their lives together and the way they broke up. Very quickly you find out what exactly happened between the two. I really loved the flashbacks. I think the story would’ve been less good if the characters just told you what happened in the past, in comparison with the flashback Carrie Aaron’s used in Kissed by Reality. It just worked! Another thing I really likes was the cover. It’s just so beautiful. A cover like that would surely persuade me to buy this novel on its own, without any help of its premise and writer.

I couldn’t stop reading, because I wanted to find out what would happen with Finn and Leighton. I had to know if they would get a second chance at love. If Finn would find it in his heart to forgive Leighton. Because of how real both characters felt, you feel for them and you want happiness for them. With every encounter that was described in the book, you could feel how much they still loved each other and the sexual tension was off the charts! I really felt for Leighton and her mother, that part of the story was very sad. I just couldn’t stop the tears.

I liked the uniqueness of the premise, a touch of Hollywood to this story gave it an extra layer. I did think some parts of the story dragged, though. It didn’t happen a lot, there were just some passages in the book that didn’t need as much information as were used. Some information was repetitive and/or redundant.

“Honey, there is nothing in life that is worth having if we don’t pursue it with a ferocious need. Desperation, fear, anxiety, wanting… these are just all signs that you’re alive. That you’re living to the fullest of your abilities, scared as all hell but saying fuck it and doing it anyway.”

Kissed by Reality is about a second chance in love. Being heartbroken, because you’ve been betrayed and trying to move on, even taking revenge. But finding out that you could never love someone as much, thus falling in love again and forgiving. This all combined with some steamy angry sex scenes and a touch of fake Hollywood and you’ve got the perfect sexy, sweet and emotional romance novel Kissed by Reality is.

“I just need your loyalty, your trust, and your love. This is the real deal this time, not some fake reality. As long as I have you, I’m perfect.”

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Author of romance novels such as the Over the Fence series and Red Card, Carrie Aarons writes sexy, swoony and sarcastic characters who won’t get out of her head until she puts them down on a page.

Carrie Aarons has wanted to be an author since the first time she opened a book, and can’t describe what it feels like to be able to write love stories as an actual career. She loves spinning tales that include dapper men, women with attitude, and the occasional hunky athlete.

When she isn’t in what her husband calls a “writing coma,” Carrie Aarons is freeing-up her jampacked DVR, trying to become the next HGTV star as she DIYs her very first house, and planning her next travel adventure. She lives on the east coast with her husband whom she loves dearly for supporting her crazy dreams and putting up with her sassy, extroverted ways.

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